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Web Site Copywriter -Who Needs One?

The World Wide Web is all about information. The Web refers to a body of information accessible to people around the world. The World Wide Web uses the Internet to transmit hypermedia documents between computers globally.

A Web Site makes a body of information available publicly on the World Wide Web. It provides tremendous communication opportunities to share and present a collection of interrelated information. Despite the importance, many continue to overlook the powerful role content plays in their Web Site’s overall success.

Web Site viewers are critical. They come to a site with expectations. Viewers expect to find relevant, informative, current information. Similarly, viewers expect well-written text. Discovery of anything less incites criticism and the possibility of lost credibility.


Web Designers also known as Web Developers are responsible for developing, creating the visual effects, programming, application and database development, hosting, and a variety of other related Internet technologies. Seldom does the designer formulate the communication strategy and author the content needed for the Web Site. More often than not, the Web Site owner is responsible for their communication strategy and content.


Planning the information strategy and writing the content needed for a Web Site is a multi-faceted undertaking requiring a systematic approach.

Communication Plan – Developing a communication plan makes it easier to stay organized and provides a checklist for your writing requirements. The first step in creating your plan is to establish your site’s communication objectives. Then calculate the type of content needed to meet your goals and satisfy the information requirements of your target audience. The mistake many site owners make is not providing sufficient information. Objective planning will help you make sure your Web Site delivers and satisfies the information expectations of your viewer.

From an on-line marketing standpoint, it is beneficial during the planning stage to conduct research and analysis of the keyword and keyword phrases your target audience uses. There are many resources available to aid you with your efforts. In addition to abetting your on-line marketing efforts, keyword research will also help you determine relevant keywords and keyword phrases to use in the body of the text.


Your Web Site content will play an important role in your image. It is essential that every Web page of your Web Site needs to be well written – and optimized with relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

Regardless of the subject matter, it is essential that the text be grammatically correct. Do not let your viewer leave disappointed, proofread each page to make sure the text is free of grammatical problems, spelling mistakes and other errors.

How About Your Web Site Content?

When opportunity clicks….Will your Web Site content effectively communicate your purpose and fulfill the information expectations of the viewer. On the other hand, will the site’s meager content and poorly written copy damage your image?

Maybe it is time to take a close look at your Web Site Content. Ask yourself a few questions. For example:

oDoes your Web Site deliver enough information to satisfy the reader?

oAre the viewers questions about your services or products answered?

oDoes the information provided strengthen your relationship with the viewer?

oIs the tex well written: clear, concise and grammatically correct?

oAre appropriate keywords and keyword phrases included in the body of the text?


If you sense, you do not have the experience or skills needed to handle the multi-faceted requirements of your Web Site content hire a professional Web Site copywriter to do it for you. In addition to authoring quality text, they can repurpose existing documents, marketing, and other text for your on-line campaign. They can also serve as an effective guide. Helping to resolve your on-line communication challenges and develop the information strategy.

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