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Business Web Site Design Tips – A Word to the Wise on Marketing

I am writing this article to help anyone that wants to create or have a web site developed. I own a business web site design and development company and also a web hosting company and have been in business since 1999. I strongly suggest that you consider having a professional create your web site. Your visitors first impression is very important and will define how they feel about your company.

We have developed many web sites and I always note that the customer should consider marketing into their budget. Most customers come to me wanting to have a web site developed and have the mindset that “If I build it they will come.” Well its a great dream but the reality is it just is not going to happen. It doesn’t matter if you have the most beautiful or greatest web site on the internet. If no one knows you are there then how will they ever find you?

Its very sad but each time I update my portfolio of created web sites I always have to remove some that either have lost interest and let their domain name expire or just have failed and they did not renew their web hosting. The number one reason is it takes a marketing effort to be successful. You do not need to have a huge budget, but within reason.

SEO is a great tool to help, but do not just rely on this for being successful. One reason is this takes time and and much effort to make it all work and come together. You have to think of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as one of the tools in your toolbox of marketing methods. You can think of this as if you were wanting to be a successful carpenter. You could not just depend on having a hammer to take you to that level of success. You would need other tools to help you get there. You have to think outside of the box and find what works for you.

One very good way to help is to find web sites that are frequented by visitors that would be interested in your product or service. Then contact that web site and ask about placing your logo, small banner or text ad on their web site. These sites usually charge a per month fee for this. You can monitor how successful the ads are in your web hosting account web stats area as this should show how many visitors visited your web site from that ad. You want to have your logo, small banner or text ad as high on their main page as possible.

Also marketing depends on if your web site is going for just local business or nationwide or worldwide. For local business and if your budget is slim always search out local directories and businesses that are successful or are visited frequently and get listed or place your ad on their web site, if they offer that service. For local advertising their are many avenues. TV, Newspapers, flyers, posting your business cards, fridge magnets. Just use your imagination and pursue the marketing method that you can afford and dabble around and find what works for you and your business.

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